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Sir John Harvey JonesI’m Stephen Hardy, Director of SJH ProTem Management LTD. I started my company in October 2007 offering interim management to both Private and Public Sector within the Parking Industry.

What is the difference between an interim manager and a consultant? A consultant will tell you what is wrong and interim manager will not only tell you what is wrong but will fix it.

After spending 25 years in the Retail Industry managing some of the biggest supermarkets in the UK I joined the Parking Industry in January 2002. I was appointed Parking Operations Manager for the City of Edinburgh with Central Parking Systems (UK) Ltd on behalf of the City of Edinburgh Council. Edinburgh is noted as the largest UK parking contract outside of London.

The management competencies required for running a retail operation are a good fit for running a parking operation. It is all about People Management.

The Edinburgh Contract was very unionised and at the stage Central Parking Systems took over the contract had been very poorly run. Hence the previous contractor lost the contract.

Not being from a parking background, I had a lot of new ideas on how this business should be run.

Leadership has always been an essential component in the management of every effective organisation. Members of today’s workforce have different expectations from those of years past and they are ready, willing and able to contribute to the running of an organisation.  Success is unlocking this potential and creativity  in all employees.

Managing in this style allows managers to harness the skills and talents of everyone in their particular team.

It is important that a manager has a vision of where he wants to be in the business and is able to communicate this to the total team. In Edinburgh we wanted to be successful and to be renowned as the best operation in the UK. We wanted to have an operation that exceeded our clients expectations and we wanted to have an enjoyable place to work.

I received the Best Contract Award in Central Parking System Europe in 2003.
I was elected Chairperson for the BPA in Scotland 2004 to 2007.

I am noted as an expert in the Parking Industry. I am fully knowledgeable on the TMA 2004 and all aspects of Parking Enforcement both On street and Off Street. CCTV /Smart Car, Pound Operations, Cash Collection, Appeals Process, Abandoned vehicles and Estate Parking.

My company is a member of the BPA and I am a member of the Institute of Parking Professionals

‘Leadership is about getting extraordinary results from ordinary people’
- Sir John Harvey Jones